Punk Grenade 50ml


Riot Squad | Punk Grenade | 50ml

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Punk Grenade e-liquids from Riot Squad are a new addition to the ever popular range produced by Riot Labs. Punk Grenade takes its name from one of riot Squads best selling e-liquids and is served in the distinct bullet shaped e-liquid bottle. If you like lemonade flavoured E-Liquid you are going to love Punk Grenade !

These e-liquids are a High VG Liquid, and works best in a Sub Ohm Vape Tank. They are 70% VG+  and come as 50ml of liquid in a 60ml short fill bottle,

Punk Grenade Flavours:

  • Apple Grenade, is a sharp blend of fruit with a crisp finish. A strong apple flavour provides the base note with a sweet and slightly sour tang. The exhale consists of tangy lemonade with a sugary aftertaste.
  • Bubblegum Grenade, is a blend of sweet candy and sharp fruits. The vibrant bubblegum flavour starts off then it’s a sugary note with a hint of banana and strawberries. The tangy lemonade on exhale complements the candy and creates a sharp finish.
  • Mango & Lime Grenade, is a tropical fusion of fruit with a zingy finish. On the inhale you’ll instantly get a sweet mango flavour with it’s juicy notes, while the lime creates a citrus aftertaste that’s complemented by the fizzy lemonade on exhale.
  • Melon Grenade, Prepare to get in a fizz as this weapon is charged up with melon and explosive lemonade.
  • Raspberry Grenade, is a sharp fruit combo with tangy notes and a fresh taste. The raspberry flavour makes up the base of this blend, with sweet and sharp notes throughout which are complemented by the fizzy lemonade on exhale.
  • Yuzu Grenade, Prepare to get in a fizz as this weapon is charged up with yuzu and explosive lemonade.


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